We welcome all women and gender diverse people to list with us. It’s up to you if, and how, you self-identify. Listings are currently free as we get up and running.

Why list with us?

  • We are the only directory proudly shining the spotlight on women and gender diverse people working in the trades industries, increasing the number of potential customers who know about you.
  • We are the only directory placing community values and care at the heart of our offering.
  • Together we can build a broad social movement of support for businesses owned by women and gender diverse people.
  • Become a role model for others to start careers in the trades or take the step to business ownership.
  • Women account for about 80% of all consumer purchases (Double Denim, Gender Intelligence Report, 2017), so by using the immense buying power of women we become a self-sustaining system of reciprocity.

The directory continues to grow — tell your friends and family, and help us build our community of awesome tradespeople.

To apply to list with us, fill out the form below to submit your information. If you meet our criteria, you’ll see yourself on the site soon — it’s updated weekly (we’ll let you know). As we build up this directory, we will initially list you in alphabetical order within the locations you service.

We operate on an ‘honesty box’ system that believes in the integrity and goodwill of everyone using this site, and ask that you participate in this spirit, and contact us if you need to update your details.

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